Utility Study

Many states offer sales and use tax exemptions for electric and gas consumed in the operations of a qualifying manufacturing facility or consumed by qualifying equipment. The exemption certification process can vary from state to state. A “Utility Study” is an efficient and useful analysis that can be used to substantiate and quantify the percentage exemption that may be claimed for qualifying utility consumption.


Our comprehensive Utility Study services include:

  • Analysis of the laws that statutorily allow the sales and use tax exemption.
  • Review of the business and manufacturing processes.
  • Review of the pertinent utility consumption data and cost.
  • Quantification of the qualifying equipment and processes utility consumption and allocation to the your utility billing.

PINNACLE’s utility professionals have the utility, energy industry, and tax experience necessary to perform a comprehensive utility study. Your service team will include professional engineers, college degreed engineering professionals and state sales and use tax experts.