Refund Review

PINNACLE offers a wide range of services concerning sales and use taxes to help companies reduce – and often eliminate – burdensome tax liabilities.  We specialize in overpayment recovery and providing top-notch audit defense.

PINNACLE’s professionals bring experience from the “big four” and other national consulting firms, state taxing authorities and a variety of industries.  This experience enables PINNACLE to quickly identify areas of possible overpayments, secure refunds and assessment reductions for your company.  At the same time our flexibility and firm structure allow us to maximize your recovery versus managing a standard bill rate.

PINNACLE’s approach to conducting a Reverse Audit serves our clients in three complementary goals.  First, our Reverse Audit is an effective way to offset audit assessments, recover ‘lost’ tax dollars, and prevent future overpayments of sales and use taxes.  Second, our Reverse Audit may identify potential areas of underpayment of sales and use taxes in order to assist our clients in managing audit risks.  And finally, our Reverse Audit will provide invaluable information to be used to develop a long-range solution to your sales and use tax process.