Fixed Assets

PINNACLE’s Fixed Asset and Cost Segregation Solutions consists of a suite of services that focus on tax accounting methods and fixed asset consulting for a wide range of industries.

PINNACLE’s team of Fixed Asset specialist provide a comprehensive review of your company’s capitalization policies and prior depreciation methods to determine how your company may best take advantage of opportunities to accelerate its cash flow or increase its NOL carryback potential with increased tax adjustments.

From missed cost segregation opportunities to conducting an in-depth repair analysis, Pinnacle‘s team of depreciation experts will explore each opportunity focused on Timing, Capitalization and Classification of your expenditures.

Our Fixed Asset Solutions focus on the following:

  • Cost segregation studies
  • Repair and maintenance reviews
  • Fixed asset depreciation reviews
  • Ghost asset and placed in service date verification
  • Energy efficient analysis – Section 179D
  • Fixed asset reconciliation and consulting