Unclaimed Property

Every state has enacted statutes governing the administration and reporting requirements for unclaimed property.  As the result of states focusing on recovering abandoned property, companies have spent considerable time and effort to ensure compliance in remitting unclaimed property over state agencies.

On the other side, few companies have the additional resources to dedicate a continuous search for unclaimed property that may be due the corporation.  In addition efforts get complicated as personnel changes, offices close down, mergers and divestitures take place.  Corporate property often gets ‘lost’ or left behind.  This property is not on the corporate books but is still in the corporate name, or the name of a dissolved subsidiary.

PINNACLE’s Unclaimed Property Group streamlines your recovery efforts by providing the resources to research and recover unclaimed funds on your organization’s behalf.  Utilizing our experience with state agencies, systematic research, proprietary and online databases, PINNACLE will help your company realize additional cash flow that is added directly to your bottom line.

PINNACLE’s Unclaimed Property specialist can help you manage and track your unclaimed property by:

  • Establishing a systematic approach to identify and recover your unclaimed property.
  • Prepare necessary documents to recover unclaimed property held by state agencies.
  • Reduce the effort required by internal resources to claim property.
  • Provide periodic updates showing property identified and progress of recoveries.
  • Help you recognize additional cash flow.

We base our fee upon a percentage of the total value of the property that we help recover.  If for any reason, you are not able to recover your property, YOU OWE US NOTHING!