Business Personal Property

Perhaps the greatest reason companies routinely pay more than their fair share of property taxes is the sheer complexity of efficiently managing their assets for tax purposes. Data verification, asset classification and valuation, obsolescence analysis, exemption, credit and abatement analysis, construction cost segregation analysis– effective property tax management is so complex and time consuming; it sometimes becomes a choice between maximizing tax savings or merely taking care of property tax compliance.

PINANCLE takes a fully integrated approach to this challenge and transforms it into an efficient, highly effective program to achieve the most equitable tax assessments while freeing internal resources to concentrate on what your business does best.

Our classification, life cycle analysis, and asset review brings all property tax management tasks under a single umbrella–allowing you to focus on each asset, while never losing sight of your company’s broad strategic direction.

Are Your Property Taxes Higher Than They Should Be?

The first step in effective property tax management is a preliminary review to determine whether your company’s property tax assessment is equitable. PINNACLE will review the taxability and value of your company’s assets and if needed:

  • Conduct a source document review;
  • Perform an obsolescence analysis;
  • Do an exemption, credit and abatement analysis; and
  • Negotiate with assessors

PINNACLE’s Property Tax practice has the expertise and experience to help you meet your company’s property tax compliance responsibilities in a timely and efficient manner, while minimizing property tax costs. We can help you to address any compliance issues your company faces, including preparation and/or review of your property tax returns and other documents required to be filed in taxing jurisdictions.

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