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Energy Efficiency Deduction (§179D) Now Permanent

Section 179D, Energy Efficiency Tax Deduction for Commercial Buildings (§179D) has become a popular tax planning opportunity allowing the write-off of cost associated with energy-efficient building construction and design.  Ultimately it was set to expire at the end of 2020 but just prior to the new year Congress and the President made 179D permanent.   This means Owners of Commercial Buildings and Designers of government-owned buildings (architects and engineers) can now make the […]

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Depreciation Review

An annual review of your tax depreciation and fixed asset policies can uncover hidden deductions.

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Sales Tax Refund Review

Learn how PINNACLE can help reduce your company’s sales and use tax liability.  We specialize in overpayment recovery and providing top-notch audit defense.

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Utility Study

Many states offer a sales tax exemption for electric and gas consumed in the manufacturing process.

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Construction Design Group discovers $50,000 in R&D Credits.

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Why Pinnacle?

When you choose PINNACLE, you have chosen a team of professionals that has one goal in mind – to uncover all opportunities adding value to your bottom line. PINNACLE’s professionals pride themselves on understanding your business strategy and needs, providing a broad range of accounting expertise and in depth knowledge of federal and state tax issues to exceed our your expectations and uncover additional areas of benefit.

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Dealership recognizes $500,000 savings in newly constructed showroom.

A proper Fixed Asset Study requires not only tax expertise, but also an understanding of engineering and construction concepts. PINNACLE’s specialized team of fixed asset professionals offer you both levels of expertise to proper document each asset’s function and investigate its full life cycle.

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Manufacturer recovers $100,000 in overpaid taxes.

Our lease advisory team has worked with a wide range of corporate tenants, from local retailers to corporate real estate groups of Fortune 100 companies. Our services are focused on providing you the expertise and resources needed to monitor your real estate related costs over your entire lease term and provide you real cost savings.